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At its heart, the ‘Moment on Earth’ series attempts to take an unfathomable concept – the diversity of events taking place all around our planet in a single Moment – and capture them; trapping the moment in such a way as to make it tangible and visual.

The first film was shot on August 5th, 2004 at 12:00pm GMT, and the second was captured exactly 12 hours later. Together they allow us to see the world from a new perspective. From Antarctica to Iraq; Brazil to Uzbekistan, we are given a unique view into the simultaneity and diversity of life on Earth.

It is a journey of juxtaposition as we see ordinary life framed in an entirely new context. Be rich, be poor, healthy and sick, trapped and free, wet and dry. Live many lives.

As someone wakes up, showers and shaves, someone else is simultaneously hanggliding over the earth’s most gorgeous beaches. At Brazil’s Sao Paulo stock exchange traders yell and scream, while across the world a mother leads her son across the wall dividing Palestine and Israel. Sailing the Mediterranean, while at the same time surfing the Pacific, skinny dipping in Canada, and lighting fires in Iraq. Someone treats the sick in South Africa at the exact same time that someone else is changing sexes in Thailand. These are a small sample of the experiences that Satellite Films’ team captured, allowing us to better understand one another and life on our planet. And this is just in the first moment.

In the DVD Special Features, you will hear the filmmakers talk about their experiences shooting “A Moment on Earth,” in addition to why they chose the moments that they did and little anecdotes about life in their country.

We hope you will take the time to explore all that our website has to offer. Watch Trailers of both of the films. See images from production and the film in our Image Gallery within the Media section. Check out the Quotables or the Open Mic for updates from Director Jereme Axelrod. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and the Guidelines given to the filmmakers before the shoot day can be seen in 'The Films' section. And a giant MOSAIC lets you explore the first film in the series in a whole new way. The first moment is available as a DVDBook for sale in our Bazaar and on Amazon et al.

There is a lot that you can read and participate in…

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Jereme Axelrod &
The Moment on Earth Team