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It's too big of an idea to really wrap your brain around.
-- Orson Robbins-Pianka, NYC
Excerpt from Orson's commentary
Feel my moment!
-- Sunday Kolawole Ogundele, Nigeria
August 3rd, 2004 10:00AM
To the Moment Team,
Less than half a day to go!!
Best of Luck to everyone!!
See you all on 'the other side!!'
-- Jereme Axelrod, Oregon, USA
August 4th, 2004 9:19PM
Everything is ready! I am very nervous!
Let's pray for the successful
shootings! Good luck to everyone!
-- Shavkat Karimov, Uzbekistan
August 4th, 2004 10:13PM

You are not alone!! I am nervous too!!! We have no reason to be nervous
though, because as you say, "everything is ready!" Now we can just do our
best and try to have fun as we do it!!
See you on the 'other side' of the Moment...
Your friend on the other side of the world,
-- Jereme Axelrod, Oregon, USA
August 4th, 2004 11:24PM
And then I just realized that, that was the moment
actually that was presenting itself, in my eyes
without my planning it. I said to myself, if there is
a moment on Earth within Rwanda where I am -
this is it - and then I filmed it.
-- Eric Kabera, Kigali, Rwanda
Excerpt from Eric's Commentary
I feel like I'm really at one with the law of synchronicity,
which I think is the most magical thing on Earth.
-- Karin Victorin, Stockholm, Sweden
Just after the moment, August 5th, 2004
Time is an invention. It does not exist.
-- Miguel Del Valle, Mexico City, Mexico
Excerpt from Miguel's Commentary
Time is a concept that they don't really
recognize as much as we do.
-- Chris Lowenstein, Krabi, Thailand
On the Monks in his Second Moment

I think AIDS is probably the biggest challenge facing - this country anyway.
It's a disease that impacts on people; the whole country financially; socially,
it breaks up family structures. It's undermining the whole foundation of the
country really. It's something that needs attention and the feeling here is that
it's not getting the attention that it deserves. So, yeah, people like Eunice are
doing amazing work and really are grappling with what has got to be the
biggest challenge that South Africa has ever faced.

-- Tim Wege, Durban, South Africa
Excerpt from Tim's Commentary

I think it is unbelievable the stress that the professionals
in the stock market go through. I wonder if they have to
have tranquilizers when they get home to be able to relax.

-- Moises Zeferino, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Excerpt from Moises' Commentary
Singapore is something like a Ferrari that is stuck in first gear - it is
beautiful and you can see so much potential, but it takes such a long
time to get anywhere! But it is fascinating - this is after all a very
young country, desperately searching for an identity.
-- Chris Dickinson, Singapore
May 9, 2004 2:17 AM
Sergei Eisenstein - I think - World Classic of film theory, once taught
that filming and cinema is the point-of-view of God. In other words,
my camera - the viewer, could visit many places - any areas that he
could not visit without cinema. [With inspiration from 19th Century
Russian poet Pushkin's poem Tsar Saltan] I name this method of
filming 'flying mosquito' filming. We are flying around the globe and
trying to be involved in ordinary life. In all the globe and that is a
pleasant by my opinion. We are all cameramen, film directors, travel
shooters and trying to show you the world.
-- Andrei Erastov, Moscow, Russia
Excerpt from Andrei's Commentary

There's 13 Million people who live in that city, so it's 13 Million stories
to be told, so that's one thing I like about living here.

-- Jean-Francois Lesage, Beijing, China
Excerpt from Jean-Francois' Commentary

Sao Paulo is well-known as a business city. People usually say that
Paulistaners (sp?) - how people from Sao Paulo are called - work
hard for the money. And that the Cariocas - people from Rio - spend it.
I actually don't blame the Cariocas - when you're in Rio, you don't feel
like working, do you?

-- Moises Zeferino, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Excerpt from Moises' Commentary
As soon as Finding Nemo came out, they were all
suddenly making orange fish.
-- Joanne Levitan, Johannesburg, South Africa
Talking about her Wire-Artist heroes
For me, she represents the effort that many women
are making in my little, full of unjustice but beautiful country.
-- Carolina Vila , Caracas, Venezuela
Speaking about her hero Maria
I have hundreds of ideas...Because the life in Istanbul is very
interesting. History is here...Culture is can touch the
history and you can feel it...civilization over civilization... I told
you before... 15 million people live in that interesting city... it
was too hard to choose the subject.
-- Adem Ozkul , Istanbul, Turkey
On Choosing the Moment
There was a lot of pressure to get it off on-time.
It was like we were going live.
-- DP Rich Moore, Phuket, Thailand
On not Missing the Moment