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Welcome! Satellite Films wants to read your stories about the most extreme moments in your life - whether moments of comedy, fear, joy or sadness - for potential inclusion in our second DVDBook: A Moment on Earth: 12 Hours Later. We encourage stories or other forms of creative writing from people of any age, living anywhere on our planet.

Here is a story sent by Gabriela Botez from Romania; emotion - happiness:

"The event took place at an underground station in Bucharest, Romania; I was in a hurry so I was going fast towards the escalators that were taking me down to the train. I passed by a few people that were going the same way as I. At the top of the stairs I passed by a boy as young as me (I am 26). I avoided knocking him over and continued running down the stairs. When I saw the train had just left I stopped and let the escalator take me down. I was half way down when that boy came and stopped on the same step on my left. I was surprised and at that moment I went 2 steps lower. He followed.. And then I stepped lower again; he followed me .. and so on: I climbed up one step, he climbed up one step after me.. Like a beautiful unsynchronized dance .. the game was to be able to guess my next move so that we would be synchronized.. We were smiling, and we were looking at each other with the back of the eye and we didn't say a word. For one minute there was nothing in each others lives that matter more than our game. Unfortunately it was over; he smiled and said 'ok, I let u go now, I free u.' (I smiled back). We were at the end of the escalator and we went on our ways: he got into the train that was going the opposite of mine. I was happy. It happened sometime in august 2007."

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