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In a single moment some of you will be filming while falling toward the Earth at 90 miles per hour, while others are filming under the Mediterranean Sea. Some will be in cities and others in rural areas; some on mountaintops and others in deserts.
The only guidelines that we ask you to follow are to:

*Focus on an element unique to your place on the planet.

*Focus on a single person or small group of people – try to connect us to them.

*Attempt to capture a human emotion or experience that is universal to us all (ie. Sadness, loneliness, happiness, anger, joy, frustration, boredom.) As much as is possible, we want to feel a connection with the person in your Moments, so where possible allow the camera to come close enough so that we can do that.

*Finally, the moment should be captured in a “cinema verite” fashion – with the subjects behaving as they would if the camera were not there.

Of course this is a difficult task – no one can control or foresee what happens in any given moment, but this is to give you an idea of our goal. As an unscripted documentary project, part of the excitement will come in that we do not know exactly what we will capture.

-- Excerpt from a letter sent to the Moment on Earth Team