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Chris Rust - Oahu, Hawaii

Following his heart has taken Chris on assignments around the world. He has shot surfing from the pit at the infamous Banzai Pipeline, shot while trekking and snowboarding across La Mer de Glace in the French Alps, tramped across lava flows and ventured to the edge of Pu’u O’o vent at Kilauea to witness the awesome birth of new land. He's trudged through the jungles of Java and Bali carrying a Nikon 800mm still lens adapted to a betacam, 6 BP 90’s, and a Sachtler 24 and captured kayak, outrigger canoe, and paddleboard races between the islands of Tahiti and Hawaii and filmed at 14,000’ atop Mauna Kea.

Chris had a wild adventure on the island of Oahu while capturing his Moments on Earth. You never know what kind of excitement you'll stumble upon in the middle of the night. His second moment lets Hawaii shine.